Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NOTD Claire's Night Sky

Hi everyone! I was in the mood to wear glitter yesterday so today I have a glitter bombshell polish to show you! Claire's Night Sky is awesome! It's a clear base packed with dark blue glitter and tons of holographic chunky glitter. I put on three coats and it was pretty opaque. It was a bit gritty so I added one coat of Gelous gel coat on top of the glitter followed by one coat of seche vite. The result is a smooth nail packed with awesome glitter! Check it out! Oh and of course today when I was taking picks, there wasn't too much sunlight. But I managed to capture some.

Amazing! This is one of the coolest glitters I own! And it is so much sparkly in person especially in the sun! I got tons of compliments on this today. Oh and so far I am very happy with the Gelous gel for nails. I will wear it more and do a full review on it. Anyway, Night Sky from Claire's is glittergasm worthy! Here's a mini video to show the actual sparkle:

As always, thanks for checking out my blog! Oh and stay tuned because I'm almost up to 400 likes on facebook so I will be having another giveaway soon! Thanks for all of your support!


  1. From a gigantic glitter fan, this is fabulous!

    1. I still have it on my nails and I can't stop staring at it!!