Tuesday, May 28, 2013

OPI Bond Girls Collection review and swatches!!!

Hey everyone!! I have for you today a review and full swatches of the entire OPI Bond Girls collection! This collection was released this Spring and it's celebrates some of the best known Bond girls from the James Bond movies. This collection consists of six textured "liquid sand" polishes. This trend has taken over the nail polish world and I love it! I wore these over OPI Natural nail base coat and no top coat of course. 

So I wore these and posted pics on my facebook page but here is my full review, first up, in no particular order we have Vesper:
Vesper is a dark purple base with dark purple and black glitter. This is two coats. This applied easily and wore for a solid four days before chipping. This one was the toughest to remove. The black glitter was all over my nails even after I took it off. But it was very vampy and pretty! Next up is Tiffany Case:
Tiffany Case is a gorgeous sparkly light blue base with light blue small and large hex glitter. This is two coats and please excuse some remnants left over from Vesper. I love this! This was my favorite from the collection. I have a fondness for blues! It's so sparkly, this pic doesn't do this color justice! This wore for four days without chipping and was pretty easy to apply and remove. It did however stain a little bit, but if you have a manicure scrub that should be no problem. Next up is Honey Ryder:
Honey Ryder is like liquid gold in a bottle! This is a gold base with tons of gold small and hex glitter. This is two coats and was pretty easy to apply and remove. I wore this for four days without chipping as well. Next up is Pussy Galore:
Pussy Galore (Great name by the way) is a gorgeous, super feminine light pink base with light pink glitter. This is two coats and was pretty easy to apply and remove. Apparently this polish has caused a bit of controversy due to it's name. It's named after a Bond girl so people need to calm down! This polish is amazing and it looks like pink cotton candy on nails! I really loved Pussy Galore because I have nothing like it in my collection! This wore for about four days without chipping. Next up is Jinx:
Jinx is an uber sparkly tangerine orange base with tons of gold and orange glitter. This color is amazing! Jinx is my second favorite! This is two coats and I can't tell you enough how gorgeous this is in person! This was easy to apply and remove but it chipped after two days. I love it anyway! So gorgeous and perfect for summer! And last but not least is Solitaire:
Solitaire is a white base with tons of white glitter and specks of silver glitter. This was the sheerest of the bunch. The other colors were pretty opaque but this one took three coats for full coverage. This looks like sugar and snow on my nails, it's so pretty and unique! I'm still wearing this color and testing it's wear time but this is the second day and so far so good.
I love this collection! There wasn't a color that I can say I didn't like! If you're a fan of textured polishes, I definitely recommend you pick these up. Great colors, easy application and removal (except for Vesper). I'd love for OPI to bring out more Bond girl polishes because there are so many Bond girls! Well, thanks so much for checking out my review!  This collection was purchased by myself and a couple were gifts. What do you all think of this collection? 
- Nails Never Fails

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Julie G Frosted Gumdrops collection review!!

Hey guys! Today I have a full review of four polishes from the Julie G Frosted Gumdrops collection which was released for the Spring. Julie G nail polishes are sold in drugstores like Rite Aid and they are a part of Jessie's Girl cosmetics. This collection is part of the textured nail polish trend that has taken over the nail polish world! I picked up these polishes at IMATS last month where I met the actual Julie G! There are six in the collection but I was only able to find four. I used seche clear for the base coat. I love these!

First I have Rock Candy which is a gorgeous sparkly light blue. This is two coats:
Next I have Hot Cinnamon which is a gorgeous bright red! This is two coats:
Next is Tangerine Dream which is an ultra bright orange. This one was a little sheer but this is two coats:
And last but not least is Crushed Candy which is a gorgeous purplish pink! This is two coats:
I love this collection! I'm planning on picking up the remaining two colors in the collection. These applied easily and were not hard to remove at all! They each lasted four days on my nails without chipping and probably would have lasted longer but I change my polish every 3-4 days. These are meant to be worn without top coat. I love the whole textured polish craze! These are great and they are so pretty and sparkly! I was able to meet Julie G herself at IMATS and she was so pleasant! We spoke about nail polish, blogging, and The Walking Dead which we are both huge fans of. So I highly recommend you guys check this collection out which can be found at Rite Aid and online.
Julie G herself and I. She loved the Walking Dead pins on my jacket!

Thanks so much for reading and checking out my blog!