Friday, December 28, 2012

NOTD OPI Tomorrow Never Dies

Hello lovies!! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while but everything has been so crazy with work, holidays, and my personal life but I'm so glad to say that now I will be catching up! First of all I looooooove the OPI Skyfall collection! Soooo pretty and great formulas! I wore OPI Tomorrow Never Dies about a week or so ago and it's gorgeous! Tomorrow Never Dies is a gorgeous blue that's almost purple. It has a hint of shimmer that glistens in the sun and in pictures with flash. The formula is great too! Two coats and it was opaque. Check it out:

I love blue nail polishes and this one is top notch! I hope all of you had a great holiday! Mine was great! I received and gave some awesome gifts! Anyway, I will continue to catch up on my blog. Thanks for reading and have a happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NOTD Color Club Blue Heaven

Hello beauties, today I have a post and review for Color Club Blue Heaven from the Halo Hues collection. I wore this last week and it was freakin amazing!! Not only is the formula great but it's the longest lasting holo polish I've ever worn! Usually when I wear a holo polish, I'm lucky if it lasts a whole day without chipping!! I had this on for almost 5 days before it finally chipped!! The Halo Hues collection is amazing! I own 4 out of the 5 colors from that collection and I highly recommend you all get them!! I totally forgot to take pics holding the actual bottle... sorry!! But anyway here is two coats of Color Club Blue Heaven!

And here's a little video I shot showing the actual holo goodness in all it's glory! I will try and review the other shades ASAP! Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NOTD Color Club Port-Folio

Hey beauties, here is my review of Color Club Port-folio from the 2012 Fall Fashion collection. This is a gorgeous purple green duo chrome! The formula is great too! I used three thin coats but could have easily used two regular coats.

Port-folio is gorgeous! This was my favorite from their fall 2012 collection!! The duo chrome is even more noticable in person! Thanks for reading!!

Impress Press on Nails review!

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a while but life has been crazy! I just started a new job, I had to travel for another job, and then hurricane Sandy hit. I hope all of you are doing well and are safe. Today I finally have my review of Impress Press on Nails. I received a couple of packs for free from the ImPress booth at New York Comic Con earlier in October. They come in these cute little plastic nail polish bottles!

I was really interested in trying these out even though I had bad experiences with Lee press on nails back in the 80's and 90's. Anyway, you get 24 nails in 12 different sizes. I have narrow nail beds but I was able to find ones that fit them. Each individual nail comes with a plastic tab to pull off and uncover the nail adhesive.

The nails applied very easily, and the glue is supposedly heat activated so the longer you press down onto the nail with your finger, the better it sticks. I strongly suggest you use a base coat on your natural nail before applying the press ons. I did not and the glue took a small toll on my natural nail. Not too bad but enough. The package says the nails last up to 7 days. They actually did! I had them on for 6 days and on the 7th, the nails started to slightly lift, and the paint started to chip. But overall these are pretty cool! Everyone thought I had my nails done at the salon. These are sold at most drugstores for around $10 a pack. Also, make sure you have very short nails, really short, otherwise your natural nail will stick out, see the last pic below.

These were pretty cool. They weren't too difficult to take off, I pulled a couple off and the others, I just soaked my nail in acetone for a couple of minutes and they came right off. There was some slight stripping of my natural nail but nothing too horrible. Make sure you put on a base coat before applying these nails! Anyway, Thanks for reading!! And thanks for following my blog!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm back with a new nail polish haul video!!!

Hello lovelies!! I finally made a new nail polish haul video!! I haven't made one in a long time so I'm so happy to share this with all of you! I found some gems today including the new China Glaze holiday 2012 collection!! Here are some pics of my latest haul:

From L to R: Color Club Halo Hues Halo-Graphic, Blue Heaven, Cloud Nine, Angel Kiss, Cherubic

From L to R: Port-Folio, First Looks

From L to R: Watch it Glitter, Right Amount of Evil, Monster Mash

From L to R: Take it or Leaf it, Be-Leaf it or Not, OPI Live and Let Die, You only Live Twice

From L to R: China Glaze Pure Joy, Glitter All the Way, Blue Bells Ring, Glistening Snow, Angel Wings, Winter Holly

Here's my latest haul video!! I know it's been a while but I hope you enjoy!!
Thanks so much for watching, reading, and commenting!! You guys rock!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NOTD Nails Inc. Pudding Lane

Hello my beauties!! Today I have another amazing nail polish! I have been wanting Nails Inc. Pudding Lane since I first saw it a few months ago on a blog. I meant to order it from Sephora but I just kept forgetting. So yesterday I was at Sephora for a job interview (Fingers crossed) and I did a little shopping before I left. I picked up Pudding Lane from the sprinkles collection which was released a few months ago. There are like four different shades in this collection and I wanted Pudding Lane more than any of the others! So as soon as I got home, I put it on and wow!! It did not disappoint!! Pudding Lane is a milky robin's egg blue creme packed with purple and gold chunky glitter. It looks like sprinkles on blue frosting hence the name Sprinkles collection! The formula is amazing! It was pretty much opaque in two coats but I used three just to cover up the very few bald spots I had. Each brushstroke was jam packed with glitter! My only gripe is that Nails Inc. bottles are .33 oz as opposed to .50 oz that most other polishes like OPI and China Glaze are. So for $9.50 you get alot less product. Oh and this dries to a really gritty texture. I added one coat of Gelous gel nail coat and then a thick coat of Seche Vite and my mani ended up way smoother than if I didn't use Gelous. Here is three coats of Pudding Lane:

I looooooooove this polish! So pretty!! What do you guys think? Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

NOTD Orly Be Brave over Nails Inc. Chelsea

Hi everyone!! I can't believe it's September already!! This summer flew by! Anyway, today I have for you Orly Be Brave. Be Brave is part of the new uber mega glitter Glam FX collection that Orly recently put out. Be Brave is a pink holo bar glitter in a clear base. The formula is ok, you can't just brush on bar glitter, you have to pretty much dab it on. I'm usually not a huge fan of bar glitter because it sticks out over the nail and it's annoying to apply, but Be Brave isn't so bad and I really love how it looks on my nails! Here's is two coats over Nails Inc. Chelsea which is a plum black:

I love this combo! These pics are with a glossy topcoat, after two days I added a matte topcoat:
The matte topcoat adds a really cool flat effect. I really like it! I really like this glitter and I can't wait to get even more glitters from this collection! What do you think of bar glitter? Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

NOTD China Glaze Surfin for Boys with Essie Shine of the Times

Hey lovies!! I hope you are all having a great summer! I've been having so much fun that I'm way behind in posts!! About a week ago I wore China Glaze Surfin for Boys from the Summer 2012 neon collection. This is such an awesome neon orange that's slightly darker and almost coral like. This color is so gorgeous!! My camera doesn't do this neon any justice! I'm in love with this neon collection!! Now I love it alone but I wanted to add some bling so I added one coat of Essie Shine of the Times. The result of this mani was pure summery gorgeousness!! The formula on Surfin for Boys was pretty good, not too thick, not too thin, I used three coats.

Artificial light, no flash

I'm so in love with these neons! I have a few more from this collection to review. Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

NOTD China Glaze Pull Me Close

Hey everyone! Here's another NOTD I wore a few days ago. I was in the mood for a magnetic polish so I chose China Glaze Pull me Close from the first magnetic collection that came out a few months ago. In the bottle, this looks like a dark steel blue but on the nail it looks more dark metallic gray. The formula is great. I always put on two coats of magnetic polish. Some people use only one. This polish lasted a while too! I had this on for like five days before it started to chip! Here is two coats:

I'm looking forward to picking up the new China Glaze Magnetix line which should be in stores really soon! The first magnetix line is currently on clearance at Sally's. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NOTD Sephora by OPI I'm Sari

Hey lovelies! It's late right now, I'm not feeling well, and I still want to catch up with my blog posts! I wore Sephora by OPI I'm Sari a few weeks ago. I'm Sari is from the Sephora by OPI India collection which was I believe one of the summer collections of this year. I'm Sari is amazing! It's a clear base jam packed with turquoise glitter and large holo glitter! My pics could not capture how gorgeous and sparkly this polish actually is! The formula is great as well, two coats and it was opaque! I love when glitter polishes go on opaque! Here is two coats:

I love this polish! Taking it off sucked though! You definitely have to use the foil method with these but it was worth it! Just looking at this makes me want to put it on again! I'm sari is sold at all sephora stores and online for $9.50. I'm not 100% sure if this is limited edition but if you like glitter polishes then I highly recommend this one! Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nails Never Fails Files: China Glaze Custom Kicks

Hey everyone! I haven't posted a Nails Never Fails Files in a while! Today I have a good one! China Glaze Custom Kicks from the Kicks Summer 2009 collection. This entire collection was amazing but this color is my absolute fave! Custom Kicks is a gorgeous dark aqua green with a hint of golden shimmer. The formula is nice and opaque in two coats. The only downside to this polish is that it stains. Staining doesn't really bother me though because my nails are always painted anyway. I picked up this color in 2009 but I believe you can still get this color from many e-tailers like Here is two coats of Custom Kicks:

This is China Glaze Nova on the accent nail.
I love this color so much!! I actually haven't worn it in a while and I love rediscovering my polishes!! Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Facebook 700 follower giveaway!!

Hey lovelies! I just wanted to let you all know that I'm having a small giveaway on my Nails Never Fails facebook page! I'm giving away this:

All the rules are posted on my facebook page. This giveaway ends Wednesday August 15th at 8pm, and once I reach 200 followers on blogspot, I will have a blogspot giveaway! Thanks for following and thank you all for your support!!

NOTD and TOTD China Glaze Beach Cruise-r

Hi! So I'm trying to catch up with all my NOTD's from the past couple of weeks. Here I have for you China Glaze Beach Cruise-r from the 2012 summer neons collection which I love! Beach Cruise-r is a beautiful neon purple with a hint of shimmer. It's almost a magenta. The formula is great! Two coats and it's pretty much opaque but I'm crazy so I wore three coats! It has a slight matte look when dry, I added a shiny topcoat but i'm sure it's gorgeous matte too! It's always a little difficult to capture a true neon on camera, this color is much brighter and slightly darker in person. Here is three coats on my nails and two coats on my toes:


Indoors with flash

I love this color! I have posted pics of the other China Glaze neons that I have worn on my facebook page Nails Never Fails. Whats your favorite summer 2012 nail polish collection?