Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Impress Limited Edition Halloween nails NOTD and review!!

Hey everyone! In celebration for Halloween, I wanted to try something different but with a Halloween theme. A few weeks ago, I was given some Impress nail kits at New York Comic Con. A couple of weeks before that I picked up a couple of Impress nail kits from Rite Aid. I've tried and reviewed Impress press on nails before and I really like them.

The tricky part is mostly finding the right size for each of your nails. It's better to have the nails slightly smaller than your own nails than if they are bigger. Then you peel off the plastic off of each nail and firmly press the nail down onto your bare clean nails. They get easier to use, the more you use them. The glue might strip your natural nail so soak your nails in acetone for a few minutes before peeling off the nails. So I first put on these:

These were awesome and they lasted almost a week! They would have lasted on much longer, I just wanted to change them. The only thing was that the paint on the very tips started to wear off but that's all. Nothing a little nail polish couldn't fix. I wore these for a horror convention I attended last weekend, now I'm wearing these:

These are great! I love them! They are easy to apply, easy to remove once you get the hang of it, and they are just so darn cute! These Halloween designs are limited edition so if you see them, grab them! They are sold in Rite Aid and other drug stores. Have you or would you ever try Impress press on nails? Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!!

NOTD Sephora X Maniacal over Dark Matter

Hi! Today I have a review for yet two more Sephora X nail polishes. I wore this combo last week and it was amazing! I put on Sephora X Dark Matter as a base color. Dark Matter is a black crème that goes on completely opaque in one coat!! The formula is amazing! Then I put one coat of Sephora X Maniacal which is a clear base jam packed with different shaped green confetti glitter. This also applied flawlessly. So much glitter on each brush stroke! Then I topped it off with Sephora X top coat which I love!

Sephora X Dark Matter topped with Maniacal

I completely love the Sephora X line! I can't wait to try more of the different finishes! The special top coats sell for $12.50 and the colors sell for $10.50 only at Sephora. Have you tried any of these polishes yet?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sephora X review and Chaotic NOTD!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited about today's review and NOTD! Sephora X is the new nail polish line that was recently launched at Sephora's all over. Sephora X is a revolutionary polish that is supposed to have outstanding application, wear, and superb finishes. There is a huge array of colors and topcoats that if you have seen them, then you know they are drool worthy! So thanks to my awesome job at Sephora, I was able to bring home a Formula X system with one nail polish and one Xplosive top coat called Chaotic.
Top from L to R: Nail cleanser, Base Coat, Top coat
Bottom from L to R: Fahrenheit, Chaotic
The formula X system consists of a nail cleanser, a base coat, and a top coat. The cleanser cleans the nail of any oils and residue and preps the nail for the base coat. The base coat is a sticky base coat that adheres the nail polish to your nail, and the top coat protects the nail lacquer while drying and providing shine. This system is pretty awesome. I'm on my second mani right now using this system and I really like it. My mani lasted almost a week without chipping and that's great considering that I work with my hands a lot and constantly wash my hands. The nail cleanser does help because you always need a clean nail base for optimal nail polish wear. So I wanted to wear a base color that I love but haven't worn in a while. I chose Zoya Dove to wear over the Formula X base coat.
Then I added one coat of Sephora X Chaotic. This is part of their Xplosives collection which consists of awesome glitter topcoats that resemble confetti! Chaotic has different shaped black and white flat glitter with some bar glitter mixed in.

This is only one coat! And it applied effortlessly! Each brush stroke was chock full of glitter! These pics are with Sephora X Top coat.

This is a close up of Chaotic to show the different sizes of glitter.
So in conclusion, I am very impressed with the new Sephora X line. There is a huge array of colors and topcoats to choose from so there's something for everyone. I strongly suggest the formula X system at Sephora. You get the nail cleanser, base coat, and top coat for $32 plus you get a nail polish of your choice! The regular colors are $10.50 each and the special finishes and top coats like Chaotic are $12.50. Go to your local Sephora and check them out! Please let me know what you think of the new Sephora X line. Thanks for reading!!

Breast Cancer Awareness month NOTD!

Hey everyone! Today I have a special post. October is breast cancer awareness month and I have too many women in my family who have fallen victim to this. I am very thankful that these brave women are still alive and doing well. So I decided to do this mani and I spoke about what it represented to everyone who asked me about my mani at work. Pink is the color to represent Breast Cancer awareness so I used three different pink nail polishes. I first started with three coats of OPI Pedal Faster Suzi! from last years OPI Spring collection. Then I added Orly Be Brave from last years Breast Cancer awareness collection and the flash FX collection, with Zoya Arabella on the accent nail which is from the latest Zoya Pixie dust collection.

I really loved this mani! This was the first time I wore Zoya Arabella and it didn't disappoint. I never get tired of textured polishes and this one is gorgeous. And I love the pink holo bar glitter of Orly Be Brave. It can be a little tricky to apply but it's beautiful on the nail. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!