Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Hello lovelies!! So sorry I haven't posted on my blog in months but I have been posting almost daily on my facebook page Nails Never Fails and I post daily on my instagram @Nailsneverfails. Feel free to follow me there. I've been super busy with work since I've been promoted over the summer and I've also been traveling like crazy but I will be catching up and posting here again! Stay tuned and thanks so much for all of your support!! Happy holidays!! I went through my stash and picked out some favorites for the holidays! Here's what's on my nails right now: 

The green glitter is Fresh Frog of Bel air over Jade is the new Black, the red glitter is Gettin Miss Piggy with it over OPI The Thrill of Brazil, and the gold polish is OPI Goldeneye. My nails look like Christmas lights!! Happy Holidays everyone!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NOTD Essie I'm Addicted swatch and review with Color Club Something New

Hello! Technically summer hasn't started but I hope everyone is enjoying this summer like weather in New York. One thing I love about the summer is all the bright nail polish collections! Last week I wore Essie I'm Addicted from the Too Taboo summer 2014 collection. It's the only one I picked up from that collection because I have a weakness for blue nail polishes! I'm Addicted is a bright blue that has almost a jelly consistency. I used three coats to get opacity. The formula itself is great, easy to apply, and if you put it over a white base coat then all you need is two coats. Here is Essie I'm Addicted:

I wore it by itself for two days then I added Color Club Something New which is a clear base with white and light blue different shaped glitter. I love this!! Tons of white glitter on each brush stroke! This is just one coat of Color Club Something New:

I'm really loving the newer Color Club polishes! I've always liked Color Club but the newer collections are spectacular!!
This glitter reminds me of a snowglobe on my nails! I can't wait to use this with different colors! Well, thanks for checking out my blog!! Follow me also on Instagram @nailsneverfails :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

NOTD and review for Color Club For You

Hello lovies!! The other day I stopped by my local nail supply shop and I picked up a bunch of Color Club nail polishes! One of them is the awesome For You. Color Club For You is a white base with red, purple, green, blue, and yellow hex glitter of different sizes. There are a few indie brand polishes that are just like this but I've never gotten my hand on those. Here is two coats of Color Club For You over Formula X neon base coat (which is a white base coat):

I love this polish! Reminds me of Jawbreakers candy! The formula on this was pretty easy to work with as well. Each brush stroke was full of glitter so it was easy to place on the nail. This could be a one coater over a white base as well as a two coater without a white base. I'm wearing this on my nails now and I've received tons of compliments! I haven't worn any Color Club in a while and I remembered how much I love this brand!! Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess collection review and swatches!

Hello beauties! Today I'm finally posting my review and swatches for the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection. This collection was released around March and consists of 6 new textured polishes. You all know how much I love textured polishes!! Anyway, some are glittery and some are creme based. 
       First up is Sand Dolla make you Holla, this is a white textured creme with red, white, blue and gold glitter. This was on the sheer side and I had to use three coats. Kind of reminds me of funfetti frosting. The formula was ok to apply.

Next is Sea Horsin around which is a gorgeous teal blue shimmery textured glitter. This formula was easy to apply. This is my favorite of this collection! Gorgeous! This is two coats:

Next is Tail me Something which is an icy lavender. This is another one of my faves from this collection. The formula is very similar to Sea Horsin Around, easy to apply and opaque. This is two coats:

Next is Shell we Dance. This is a pinkish coral base with pink and silver glitter. The formula was a little thick but easy to apply. Very pretty!! This is two coats:

Next is Teal the Tide Turns which is a green creme textured base with green and silver glitter. The formula was a little sheer so I had to use three coats. It reminds me a little of Ariel's tail from The Little Mermaid.

And last but no least is Wish on a Starfish which is a pinkish peach with pink and gold glitter. It's so pretty and shimmery! Reminds me of Nars Orgasm but for nails! This was also a little sheer but easy to apply. This is three coats:

These were are so pretty especially in the sunlight! I can't wait to wear some of these at the beach! This was a great collection especially if you love texture polishes like me! These were also not too bad to take off, if anything I just got glitter all over the place during removal but nothing too crazy. Thank you for reading!! Check me out also on instagram @Nailsneverfails

Friday, May 9, 2014

Yay!!! My nails were in Nail It Magazine!!

Hello beauties! So I received the newest issue of Nail It magazine the other day, turns out they featured a picture of mine that I sent them! I was so excited!!! It's just a little picture but it's so awesome to be in one of my favorite magazines!! The theme was dots, so I sent them a picture of a dotticure I did a while back. This is the pic I sent:

This is the newest issue of Nail It magazine for May/June:

And here is my picture inside the issue!

I know it's just one little picture but this really made me so happy!! Hopefully you'll all see more of me and my nails in future issues!! Thanks so much for reading my blog and following me on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram! You all rock!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Some more awesome Impress press on nails! NOTD and review

Hi beauties! So I have been going to horror/sci fi and comic conventions for years! I always like to have horror or sci fi themed nails when I go to these just for fun. So in March and April I attended Monster Mania and Chiller Theatre in New Jersey and I put on some fun Impress nails! I picked these up last year around Halloween. Impress comes out with these limited edition press ons and I always pick them up and put them away for special occasions.

I wore the first ones to Monster Mania. These are awesome! They have a blood splatter effect plus trees and crosses on them! They just straight up remind me of the movie The Exorcist! 

I wore the next nails most recently last weekend at the Chiller Theatre expo in New Jersey. These are so cute with the little cat eyes!! I received sooooo many compliments!

I love these press ons! They are so easy to apply, they come individually with the adhesion attached. You just find the perfect size for your nail, peel off the tab to expose the adhesion/glue on the nail and press down onto your own nail. You always want to apply the thumb nails last because it's easier to attach the other nails with the thumbs free. And they actually last for a week! In both instances, one or two nails started to come off at about the 6th and 7th day. To remove you can just gently peel them off or soak them for a few seconds in acetone and they pull right off. I love these and can't wait to pick up more!! Thanks for reading!!

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream NOTD and review

Hello beauties! So sorry I haven't posted in a while, life has been crazy! Anyway, today I have a review of the gorgeous Mermaid's Dream by Deborah Lippmann. I know this isn't a new polish but it is certainly one of my favorites. I received Mermaid's Dream as a gift from my mom. I've been meaning to buy it since it came out like two years ago! Anyway, Mermaid's Dream is a gorgeous shimmery sea foam green sparkly polish that is truly one of a kind. I'm sure there are dupes for this but this one started it all!
The formula is easy to work with, I used three thin coats.

Mermaid's Dream close up
I love Mermaid's Dream! It's very unique and just reminds me of a mermaid's tail. The actual polish lasted me about 4 days before it chipped which is not bad for a glittery polish. I can't wait to wear this more this summer! Thanks for reading and checking out my blog! I'm also on Instagram if you are interested in my life as well as my nails. Follow me @Nailsneverfails