Thursday, January 26, 2012

NNF Files Happy/Earthy Claire's Mood polish

Hey everyone! Today I have another older pic from 2011. This is Claire's Mood polish in Happy/Earthy. I remember seeing pics and videos of mood polish on the internet and running out and buying a bunch of them at Claire's. Turns out that they are cool to watch them change color on your nails but they chip right away, they are really thin and sheer,  and they are not 3 free so they leave the nail bed extremely dry and stripped of moisture. I tried out 4 of the 10 colors I have and they all chipped really fast. Such a disappointment. Eventually I will get to trying out the remainding colors I have. Happy/Earthy changes from green to yellow and vice versa. Here is three coats:

These tend to go on with a matte finish too. I like the whole french effect this gives when my nails are long, I just wish the polish would last longer than a day without chipping! I haven't put on a mood polish in a long time so I will go back and rediscover them in my stash. What do you all think of mood polishes? Have you tried them? What brands have you tried?

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