Monday, January 16, 2012

NY Giants Victory Water Marble!!

Hey everyone! Well the NY Giants kicked butt and won yesterday. I told my fiance that if the Giants won, then I would do a mani with the NY Giants colors however he liked. He loves when I do water marbles so he suggested I do a marble. So I did a quick water marble with Essie Blanc, OPI Swimsuit nailed it, and Zoya Lisa (white, blue, red which are NY Giants colors). I actually dipped 3 fingers at a time and then two fingers at a time. I didn't do a tutorial because I just wanted to do the water marble fast, and the colors weren't the best for marbling. Check it out:

These colors were hard to work with, Essie Blanc was really runny, and would blend into the other colors, the blue and red were shimmers and they didn't spread as smoothly when I tried to do a design with my orange stick. All in all I consider this marble practice, I learn more and more everytime,  which colors to use, what looks good, how certain colors work etc. But anyway, woohoo Giants!! They play again next Sunday so most likely I'll do another mani using red, white and blue.

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