Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NOTD Zoya Pandora with Konad m57

So yesterday I was messing around with my stamping kits. I have the Konad kit and the as seen on TV stamping kit. My first time stamping was a hot mess, but I gave it another shot and the second time turned out not too bad. First, here is the beautiful, sophisticated Zoya Pandora from the Zoya Touch collection from Fall 2011. This polish is so pretty and feminine. I love it! Here is two coats:

Dont mind the little ding on my ring finger here!

Pandora is such a pretty almost pink neutral beige. Anyway, so then I started stamping with my konad kit. I think it's ok for my very second try. It's all about practicing and finding the right angle and amount of pressure to roll the stamper on the nail.

Now what really upset me is that even though I waited a long time for the stamp design and polish to dry, the design smudged a little when I applied top coat! So annoying! And I used the Konad black polish and everything. Oh well, just have to find what works right. Oh and there is a difference between the konad kit and the as seen on tv stamping kit, the konad brand just seems smoother and easier to use. I will keep trying them both out and make a comparison video hopefully soon. Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave me any tips and pointers on how to perfect the art of stamping! lol


  1. I use sinful colors black on black and I never have had issues with it smearing when I stamp with it :] I threw out all the Konad polishes that came with my kit, stamping with every other polish worked so much better for me haha

    1. smearing with a top coat, is what i meant haha

    2. Thanks! I have a Rite Aid close to me that sells Sinful Colors so I'll check it out.