Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nail Polish Color Comparisons!

Hi everyone! So I've received a few requests to do comparisons between certain polishes, so I just went through my stash and pulled out a bunch of polishes that I own that look alike. I swatched them all and did comparisons. I have tons more polishes to compare but I started off with these. I wore and photographed some of them so I will post as many pics as I can. This post is long and picture heavy but I hope this will help some of you decide on certain colors. If you have any requests on more comparisons please feel free to leave a comment here or on my facebook page and if I have the colors, I will do a comparison. I don't have the best lighting and a perfect camera but I hope these comparisons are helpful. So now without further adieu, let the comparisons begin!

First I have Zoya Carmen vs. Zoya Sooki

From far and in pics these beautiful reds look extremely similar, but the formula on these are completely different! Carmen has a jelly formula and Sooki is a cream. Both have an easy application and great formula, but Sooki is almost opaque in one coat and Carmen, you definitely need two. Carmen is also slightly darker and more blue based. Sooki has more of an orange base and is not as dark as Carmen. These may look like dupes in the bottle but they are not. If you love red polish then you need to own both!

Next is Zoya Jem vs. Zoya Valerie

Jem and Valerie are both a dark purple with gold shimmer and appear almost identical in the bottle! The formula on both is even similar and opaque in two coats. Jem has more finer gold shimmer and is slightly more foil like. Valerie has more chunkier gold almost glitter like shimmer. These are not 100% dupes but if you have one, you don't really need the other unless you hoard polish like me!

Next is Zoya Pippa vs. Zoya Creamy

I know I have alot of Zoya! lol Anyway, here are two yellows that look pretty much the same in the bottle! They also look similar on the nail but Pippa is slightly darker and the formula is more sheer and streaky. Creamy is slightly brighter and more vibrant, and the formula is like butta! Nice and opaque in two coats. Don't tell Zoya but I like Creamy more than Pippa!
These are not dupes but pretty close, if you want a yellow Zoya polish, I would go with Creamy.

Next is Zoya Bevin vs. Wednesday

Bevin and Wednesday are not dupes at all! Bevin is darker and more muted and Wednesday is brighter and more vibrant. Both are opaque formulas but Wednesday is slighty thicker than Bevin. If you like blues and greens like me, you need both of these!

Next is Zoya Wednesday vs. China Glaze Aquadelic

Aquadelic and Wednesday look very similar in the bottle. Both are creamy and opaque, Wed is slightly more opaque than Aquadelic but not much of a difference in formula. Both are opaque in two coats. Aquadelic is slightly brighter and they are not dupes but pretty close. I love them both!!

Next is China Glaze For Audrey vs. Aquadelic

For Audrey


These look alike from far but they are very different. For Audrey is more blue and Aquadelic is more green. Very similar formulas, both are opaque in 2 coats and both are gorgeous!!

Next up is OPI Kiss me on my Tulips vs. China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic

No dupes here! OPI K.M.O.M.T is a lighter pink and CG Fuchsia Fanatic is a more vibrant hot pink. OPI is a creamy, opaque formula and FF is more of a jelly formula which is opaque in 2-3 coats depending on how thick you put it on. Both are gorgeous and if you like pink than you should get both!!

Next is Zoya Tru vs. OPI Dutch ya just love OPI?

These two are pretty much dupes. Both are purple with gold shimmer and I honestly could not tell a difference between colors. Zoya Tru has a slightly thinner formula but both are opaque in two coats. I recommend which ever is easier for you to get your hands on or whichever brush you prefer.

Next is Zoya Farah vs. OPI Did you 'Ear about Van Gogh?

These two are also dupes. I mean Farah is ever so slighty lighter but only if you stare at them both. They are both similar in formula as well. If you have one, you don't need the other. I like them both, but if I had to choose then I would choose OPI just because I love the wide brush.

Next is Color Club Holiday Splendor vs. China Glaze Atlantis

These are pretty similar except Holiday Splendor is slightly lighter than Atlantis. Other than that they have the same jelly formula,  and the same holo glitter. They are not exact dupes but they are pretty close. The swatches are three coats of each. I love them both!

Next is Zoya Skylar vs. OPI I Have a Herring Problem

These two are pretty much dupes in color. Skylar is a sminch more blue but not by much. The formula on I Have Herring Problem is a little thinner than Skylar too. I like them both but again, if you have one, you don't need the other.

Last but not least, Color Club Sparkle and Soar vs. Zoya Tanzy

No dupes here! They look similar in the bottle from far but Sparkle and Soar is a more neon, brighter orange and Tanzy is darker and has more gold shimmer. Both formulas are similar and sheer so you need 2-3 coats for complete coverage. Tanzy is more of a foil and Sparkle and Soar has more of a shimmery glass effect. These are gorgeous! Perfect for the summer!

So these are some comparisons I chose to discuss here. I hope they were helpful. Let me know if you want to see other comparisons. I'm currently working on a nail polish collection video, a new haul video, I'm cooking up another giveaway, and I have more blog posts, tutorials and slideshows to work on so stay tuned. I can't believe it's already May! Thanks for reading!!


  1. AWESOME comparisons! Thank you for the Creamy and Pippa comparison, I've been wondering about that for a week or so ;]

  2. Amazing post!! Thank you for this! :D

  3. Génial ! Merci pour ces comparatifs ! Ils m'aident beaucoup pour faire un choix =)
    je vais m'offrir Jem de Zoya !