Thursday, May 3, 2012

Latest nail polish haul!!

Hi lovlies! Here are my nail polish hauls mostly from the end of April. I took advantage of the Zoya Earth Day promo as well as Sally's buy 2 get 1 free sale in April. I also found a couple of other polishes. Check it out!

Claire's Candy Shop

L to R: Peachy Keen, Polarized, Full Spectrum

L to R: My Lifesaver, Top of the World

L to R: Kimber, Carly, Rory, Carmen, Jem, Wednesday, Reece, Arizona, Purity

Here's my latest haul video:


Thanks so much for watching! And stay tuned to my youtube channel because I'm going to post a 200 subscriber giveaway!


  1. nice haul! i want to try candy shop, cause i heard its a dupe for one of the deborah lippmann polishes! :D

  2. Great haul! Top of the World looks spectacular!

  3. I love your nail varnish hauls. You're so lucky! Here in England it's really difficult to buy brands like Zoya and China Glaze and OPI. I've only just recently got my first China Glaze and OPI polishes and haven't tried any Zoya yet, but I'm really liking the look of Arizona, so that may be worth international shipping!