Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NOTD OPI Jelly Sandwich mani!!

Hi everyone! First of all let me say congrats to the NY Giants winning the superbowl!! WOO HOO!! It was a great game and I loved some of the commercials. The Madonna halftime show was good but I'm not too crazy about her new song. Anyway back to nails, I've been wanting to try a jelly sandwich mani for a while now so I gave it a try. Also known as a candy mani, a jelly sandwich mani is when you use a jelly polish as a base, add a layer of glitter polish, then add a jelly polish on top of the glitter. The result is a nice smooth glittery mani, and the glitter looks suspended in the polish. I love it! It makes me want to go out and buy more jelly polishes! For this mani I used three OPI polishes. The jellies are Houston we Have a Purple, and Too Hot Pink to Hold em, and the glitter is Spark de Triomphe.

From L to R: Houston We Have a Purple, Spark de Triomphe, Too Hot Pink To Hold em
So first I put two thin coats of Houston we have a Purple on top of my Nail Envy base coat, then I added one coat of Spark de Triomphe, then one thick coat of Too Hot Pink to Hold em finishing off with OPI Top coat. The result is a gorgeous sparkly, smooth mani where the glitter is sandwiched between the two layers of polish so it looks suspended in the polish. I love it! This make me want to go out and buy more jelly polishes! Actually I have to go through my stash, I bet I have more jelly polishes than I think! Anyway, here is the final result:

This is really cute! I'm also going to be wearing just reds and pink polishes until Valentine's day. I have plenty! I even have some new ones I haven't even worn yet! Have you guys tried any jelly sandwich mani's?