Monday, February 20, 2012

NOTD China Glaze Lorelai's Tiara

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a great weekend! First of all, I just want to quickly comment on last night's episode of My Strange Addiction on the TLC channel. There was a 23 year old girl that was addicted to drinking nail polish...yes DRINKING NAIL POLISH!!! That almost made me throw up! Not only did it piss me off that she was wasting so much polish, but it baffled me how she was still alive!?! I could have sworn she was drinking a bottle of OPI in one of the scenes! Horrendous!! Anyway, today's NOTD is the super sparkly Lorelai's Tiara from the China Glaze 3D glitters collection. I love it! It's so sparkly and even though it's pretty opaque on it's own, I put two coats of it over one coat of China Glaze Icicle.

Hopefully, this glitter won't be such a pain in the butt to take off. I love everything about this polish except, it leaves a good amount of texture on your nail, even with a thick top coat. The pics do not do this mani any justice, my nails are so sparkly!!
     So, I've been receiving requests to do a polish collection video, I'm working on it. I'm waiting for a few polishes to come in the mail, then I will post a mega haul video. Then I have to reorganize my stash and I will start on  a video to show you all my collection. As always, thanks for reading!


  1. I LOVE IT! This might have just moved to the top of my list to wear lol