Friday, September 23, 2011

Zoya mini haul!!

Today I received my gallons of goodness order from Zoya! The Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover is my favorite remover because it removes all traces of nail polish and glitter nail polish quickly without drying out my nail bed and cuticles. With the gallons of goodness offer, you pay for two 32oz. bottles of remove+ and you get two free! And shipping was free! I also ordered their quick dry drops. I have never tried their dry drops before but I use the OPI drops so let's see if the Zoya brand is any different. Along with my order I was sent a free 2oz. bottle of remove+, a full sized grapefruit scrub, and Zoya spoons for the Touch collection and the smoke and mirrors colloection. I'm fully supplied with the best nail polish remover for a while! I wanted to order the new Zoya holiday nail polish collection but I decided to hold off for now. I will get them soon!
Thanks for reading!!

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