Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nails of the day! China Glaze It's Alive! Sept. 12, 2011

I picked up China Glaze's It's Alive last week from a local beauty supply store in the Poughkeepsie mall along with the Ghoulish Glow polish. It's Alive looked gorgeous in the bottle but even more gorgeous on the nails. This is a green jelly base packed with micro and hexagon shaped green glitter. I love it! It's like a halloween party on your nails! This is definitely going to be a fall favorite of mine! It was pretty opaque with two coats, there is alot of texture to the polish so make sure you put a nice coat of top coat to smooth it out. Thanks for reading and please check out my facebook page Nails Never Fails


  1. link the image to a bigger version of the pic so we can see detail :)

  2. or just this one lol. it worked for me on the others. (it's yaas by the way)
    I was wondering how similar this one is to Zombie Zest

  3. I dont own Zombie Zest but I have seen it. It's Alive is more green and has more glitter and sparkle. Zombie Zest is a little more of a yellow green and doesn't have as much bling. As for the pics, I'm still learning but I will post bigger and better pics.