Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NOTD Zoya Zuza

Hello my lovelies!! Today I have a stunner for you! Last night I put on Zoya Zuza from the new Beach and Surf collection for the summer. First of all, every single color from this collection is gorgeous! I want every color! The collection is divided up into two sets, a set of creams and a set of foils. Zuza is an aquamarine foil. I fell in love with Zuza and I had to have that one first! I looooooove this color so much! And the formula is great! Opaque in two coats, just make sure the first coat is completely dry before putting on the second coat because this polish tends to drag and you will end up with bald spots on your nails. Here is two coats:

Please excuse my cuticles, they need some TLC. But Zuza has instantly become my favorite Zoya color and one of my favorite colors I own! If you've seen my videos, you know how much I love blues, greens and teal polishes and this color takes the cake! I love it, great formula, and I can't wait to get the rest of this collection! If you're interested in ordering from the Zoya website, click on this link to set up a free account and you will automatically get 200 points to redeem for a $10 coupon! Each polish costs $8! Try it, it doesn't cost anything to set up an account. And you can check out all the gorgeous colors Zoya has to offer. Here's the link:

I will be posting a new haul video within the next couple of days. Thanks for reading!!

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