Friday, April 13, 2012

Latest nail polish haul!!

So I finally finished my latest haul video! These are the polishes that I've picked up over the last few weeks. I'm so excited for the China Glaze Prismatics and my new Zoyas! But overall I'm in love with everything in this haul!

All my new Zoyas including the Sunshine collection!

From L to R: Sephora by OPI What's your sign?, Bright as a feather, OPI Pirouette my Whistle, Vampsterdam, and Sparitual Off the Grid

L to R: China Glaze Prismatics: Optical Illusion, Ray-diant, Liquid Crystal

L to R: Essie No more Film, Go Overboard, Zoya Bevin, Zoya Cho

Here's my haul video! Enjoy and thanks for watching!


  1. Hi there!How much did you end up spending on all of those polishes? And how do you find out about the promotions? I'm so bummed that I missed it!

    1. Hi! My fiance bought me all the Zoyas so I don't know exactly how much he spent, all I know is that the Zuza polish was $8. He also bought me the Sephora by OPI polishes, those were $9 at Sephora. The OPI's that I purchased were $3.25, the Essie polishes were $5.95, and the China Glaze polishes were $4.95 each. I get them at a beauty salon in Poughkeepsie. I saw the Zoya promo on their blog. They also announce their promo's on their facebook page and twitter.

    2. I just read your response comment; my cousins and aunt lived in Poughkeepsie a few years back. It looked beautiful in pictures. Anyways, back to nails. I really am loving those Essie colors. I just might need those in my collection.

    3. OMG! The Essie's are amazing! You should get them!