Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NOTD Zoya Noel and Zoya Twila

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was awesome! I had fun helping put up and decorate our christmas tree, and did a little xmas shopping. I still have much more shopping to do. Anyway, I finally got around to putting on Zoya Noel and Twila from the Gems and Jewels collection. Noel is amazing! It's opaque in two coats and just goes on so smoothly. I love blues so I'm just in love with this color! Here's two coats:

Oh yeah I forgot, my nails were splitting so horribly that I had to trim them down. I think it's a cross between the dry, cold weather and me washing my hands alot because of my dogs. But as you can see Noel is gorgeous! It's like liquid ice on the nails! I decided to add Twila over Noel even though Noel is beautiful on it's own. Here is two coats of Twila over Noel:

Now I love Twila, this color makes my nails look like blue christmas ornaments! The pics do not do this glitter any justice, it is sparkleliscious! There was no sun outside today so I really couldn't catch the sparkle from the sun but anyway, as amazing as this looks, it is a bar glitter and that means the glitter was sticking out from my nail tips so much! I tried to reposition the glitter on my tips as much as I could but alot of it was left sticking out and snagging on everything! I added Twila last night so I woke up this morning already with small bald spots on the tips of my nails where the glitter was snagged on something and came off. I will still use bar glitter but now I know what to expect. Nonetheless, this combo is amazing! I will definitely rock this again for the holidays! Thanks for reading!!

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