Thursday, December 22, 2011

NOTD China Glaze Velvet Bow with Twinkle Lights

Hi everyone! So I was supposed to post a Christmas water marble tutorial... that was my plan. On Monday I tried for over two hours with different colors to do a xmas themed water marble and it just was not working. First the colors weren't working right together, then the polishes weren't coming out dark enough, then the water was too cold so my bullseye wouldn't spread...yada yada yada. It just wasn't my night for water marbling. I will try again once I'm in the mood. So last night I put on China Glaze Velvet Bow from the Let it Snow collection. I love Velvet Bow, it looks maroon red in the bottle but in some light it looks almost brown. It's so pretty and opaque. This is two coats:

Then I added Twinkle Lights from the Let it snow collection which is a clear base with lots of gold, red and green glitter on my accent finger. It's Christmas in a bottle!

I love this combo! Next time I'm going to put twinkle lights on all the nails to see how sparkly it is! Anyway, I'm going to change my nails right before Xmas eve and that will be my Xmas mani so I will post pics of that. Thanks for reading and have a happy holiday!!

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