Monday, May 5, 2014

Some more awesome Impress press on nails! NOTD and review

Hi beauties! So I have been going to horror/sci fi and comic conventions for years! I always like to have horror or sci fi themed nails when I go to these just for fun. So in March and April I attended Monster Mania and Chiller Theatre in New Jersey and I put on some fun Impress nails! I picked these up last year around Halloween. Impress comes out with these limited edition press ons and I always pick them up and put them away for special occasions.

I wore the first ones to Monster Mania. These are awesome! They have a blood splatter effect plus trees and crosses on them! They just straight up remind me of the movie The Exorcist! 

I wore the next nails most recently last weekend at the Chiller Theatre expo in New Jersey. These are so cute with the little cat eyes!! I received sooooo many compliments!

I love these press ons! They are so easy to apply, they come individually with the adhesion attached. You just find the perfect size for your nail, peel off the tab to expose the adhesion/glue on the nail and press down onto your own nail. You always want to apply the thumb nails last because it's easier to attach the other nails with the thumbs free. And they actually last for a week! In both instances, one or two nails started to come off at about the 6th and 7th day. To remove you can just gently peel them off or soak them for a few seconds in acetone and they pull right off. I love these and can't wait to pick up more!! Thanks for reading!!

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