Friday, January 18, 2013

Nails Inc. Leather, Crystals and skulls set featuring NOHO

Hey loves! Today I have a review of the new and exciting Nails Inc. Leather, Crystals, and Skulls set featuring the awesome leather effect nail polish in NOHO. So, I am a consultant at Sephora and we received this awesome set about a week ago. One of my directors sent me home with a set so I can play with it and train the other consultants on how to use the leather and crystals set. This is what the set looks like:
This set includes a black leather effect nail polish in NOHO, nail glue, two orange sticks, and little crystals and skulls to put on your nails.
First and foremost, the nail polish is so awesome!! I wore two coats over a regular basecoat. No topcoat because that would change the texture of the polish. The result is an awesome matte textured finished that resembles old leather.

Ok so not only does this look amazing, but the formula is great too! NOHO dries quickly and I wore this for 3 whole days before it even chipped! That's awesome because I'm lucky if I get one day without chipping on a matte nail polish.
So then I added some of the crystals in this set. I wasn't allowed to use all of them because I have to use this set to show others at my store or else I would have blinged out all of my nails!

The only bummer was that my nails were actually too narrow for the skull crystals that came with the kit. They were sticking out a lot and I kept getting it snagged in my hair so I took it off and just used the regular crystals. They were really easy to glue on, and they stay on until you soak them off! They come off easily, just soak the nail in polish remover for a minute and done! All in all this kit is amazing! I love it and I love the leather effect nail polish! Very cool!! This kit sells at Sephora for $25. What do you all think of this trend?

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